Operations Manager

Location: Central, OH, United States

Lead and direct all aspects of the Distribution Center to maximize performance and assure customer satisfaction.


- Provide the leadership and a coordination point for all management for the respective facility location, whether reporting directly to the Distribution Center Manager or not.

- Direct staff: select, hire, train, coach, develop and assure performance. Administer discipline and assure moral.

- Develop and ensure adherence to operating and capital budgets for the Distribution Center.

- Promote, develop, and maintain a work environment that promotes employee inclusion, recognition and effective communication.

- Maintain effective, positive employee relations in the facility, in order to enable the company to attract, retain, and motivate highly qualified employees.

- Maintain a union free work environment.

- Develop new operating policies and procedures in the distribution process to foster and ensure continued process improvement.

- Interpret company strategy and translate those thoughts into the tactical plans and actions necessary for the Distribution Center to appropriately execute and support those strategies.

- Assign projects within the scope of responsibility.

- Hire, train, appraise and coach management-level team members.

- Develop facility's operating strategies, to manage future growth, improve quality and reduce operating cost

- Provide and promote a safe work environment.

- Ensure compliance of all company policies, including but not limited to, all Federal, State and local OSHA regulations.

- Direct major facility changes upon approval from corporate office.

- Maintain an effective system of communicating relevant information to and from the corporate office.

- Direct and develop the local professional management/leadership team.

- Set, implement, and maintain local-based standards and measurement tools and processes.

- Implement new technologies and systems as required.

- Ensure high-demand, wholesale customer's expectations are met or exceeded consistently by Distribution Center

- Participate in various cross-functional and/or cross-facility process improvement initiatives.

- Serve as a member of the Distribution staff participating in developing companywide policy, procedure and practices and providing assistance as needed.


- Number of direct reports 4-6

- Total # of employees supervised 150


- Strong knowledge of distribution, and Distribution Center management required typically acquired through extensive experience and formal training at the bachelor’s degree level.

- Excellent comprehension, communication, and analytical skills necessary

- Knowledge of warehouse and material handling equipment essential

- Strong skills in planning, budgeting, organizing, controlling and communicating

- Familiarity with and/or exposure to various distribution-related technology and automation, including but not limited to, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Radio-Frequency (RF), and other computer-based systems technology

- Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office (including Word and Excel) and basic E-Mail packages/utilities

- Strong written and verbal communications skills

- Solid and mature business acumen

- Experience maintaining a cooperative, union-free work environment

- Superior team-building strengths in a participative environment

- Strong customer service orientation and philosophy


- 10+ years’ experience in the management of a fast-paced Distribution Center operating environment.

- 5 years’ management experience including experience maintaining a cooperative, union-free work environment.

- 3+ years Profit and Loss (P&L) accountability/responsibility.
Patrick McHargue

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